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Workers Memorial Day 2017

6 April 2017

Once again CWU will continue its support of this important commemorative day in the calendar.

Worker's Memorial Day 2017 - poster

Friday 28 April 2017 "Good Health & Safety For Workers"

In 2017 the theme for the day is "Good Health and Safety For All Workers" and will focus on inequalities in occupational health and the role Unions play in narrowing the inequalities gap.

The TUC wants to focus on the hidden and new GIG economies, the risks faced by migrant workers and the issues of gender and class.

The Union has for the last four years commemorated Workers Memorial Day (WMD) at ? Annual Conference as WMD fell during Conference Week after the move of Conference to April.

This year WMD occurs on the Friday of the week, a day after Conference closes. Therefore those participating and supporting WMD events around the UK will need to make local arrangements to attend the many events taking place across the UK.

The purpose behind Workers' Memorial Day has always been to "Remember the Dead and Fight for the Living" and the TUC, the Hazards Campaign and all the nation's Unions will be focusing on both areas, by considering memorial and health and safety events to commemorate the day and remember all those killed at work or through work but at the same time ensuring that we continue to do all we can to make sure such tragedies are not repeated.

That can best be done by building trade union organisations, recruiting members, pressing employers to invoke better health and safety standards and risk controls and campaigning for stricter enforcement by the HSE and Local Authorities with higher Court penalties for those employers and bosses breaching health & safety laws.

Workers Memorial Day is commemorated throughout the world and is officially recognised by the UK Government.