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17 May 2017

Our manifesto is for the many not the few.

The Labour Party Manifesto 2017

It's for Martin, who spoke at the launch a former Tory voter, let down so severely by cuts to the medical care that used to support his children.

It's for Christine, a single mother and carer working night shifts, who struggles to find enough money and just wants a fairer Britain for her daughters.

It's for Mohammad, a bus driver who is worried about his children, burdened with debt after going to University.

Labour's manifesto addresses Martin, Christine, Mohammad and everyone held back by seven years of Tory Government.

Explore Labour's Manifesto

For the last seven years, Britain has been run for the rich, but now is the time for us to build a country in which everyone can lead a richer life.

I am confident that once the people of Britain have looked at the issues they will support our promise of a fairer Britain, run for the many not the few.

Jeremy Corbyn,
Leader of the Labour Party

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