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A Message from Dave Ward and Tony Kearns

17 May 2017

Dear colleague, As you will have seen, the Labour Party launched its manifesto for the general election this morning.

General Election 2017

Together with strong commitments on house-building, NHS funding and trade union rights, there are big wins for CWU members including pledges to:

  1. Renationalise Royal Mail
  2. Set-up a Post Bank and halt the Crown Office closures
  3. Comit significant investment to rolling out superfast and ultrafast broadband
  4. Revoloutionise employment rights, including scrapping the agency workers loophole

While the Tories offer more of the same, Labourís plan represents a radical agenda for government that can shift the balance of forces in this country.

But if we want to see this being implemented itís clear that we need to get involved and go out and campaign for it.

If you have time to spare before 8th June please do your bit: contact your local Labour Party about helping out, speak to your CWU branch about what theyíre doing, talk to your friends and family about whatís at stake.

No-one can pretend this is going to be easy Ė but letís make sure none of us wake up on 9th June to five more years of Tory austerity asking ourselves if we could have done more.

In solidarity,

Dave Ward
General Secretary
Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary

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