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Final General Election Campaign Activity

2 June 2017

As part of the campaign Tuesday the 6th June is designated ‘Trade Union Tuesday’, trade unions will be engaged in a large number of events and initiatives across the country.

General Election 2017

On Tuesday 6 June 2017, the GS and SDGS will hold an open Q&A Facebook session at 5:00 pm.

Throughout the campaign, the CWU has been very active and we now call upon all Branches, Reps and members to join us in fighting for a Labour Government. As part of this we urge supporters, if you have not already done so, to contact your local constituency and get out on the ground in the remaining days of the campaign.

The union has secured very important Manifesto commitments that are definitely in the interests of our members’ jobs, our industries and the vast majority of people in the UK.

The UK needs a different value set. Only Labour will deliver this.

Dave Ward
General Secretary
Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary

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