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National Rule 14 / Complaints Procedure

3 September 2018

A new National Rule 14 was endorsed at the 2018 Annual Conference.

The main thrust of the change was to switch the emphasis from one of discipline and punishment to complaint and resolution. The main changes are as follows:

  • New title Dispute Resolution
  • One clear route of administration for all complaints via GS department Includes the National Complaints Procedure within the rule Change the make-up of the NDC Rename the Independent Review Body to Independent Appeals Panel (IAP) Change the make-up of the IAP to consist of 3 totally independent members The NDC will have an automatic right to attend the IAP New Byelaws for the NDC, IAP and Complaints Procedure

The NDC byelaws agreed by the NEC are required by rule to be endorsed by the next available General Conference which will be 2019.

The Complaints Procedure byelaws agreed at the July NEC meeting dovetail into the new rule and now complete the process for any complaints / disputes received in the GS Department.