Health, Safety and Environment

Welcome to the Branch Health, Safety & Environment section.

The Health, Safety & Environment section are committed to providing a first class service to our members in all areas of the Communication Industry. We aim to provide the best advice and representation to our Safety Reps and members.

Our greatest assets are our Safety Representatives, and we fully support them in their work.

Together with the National Health and Safety Committees we are striving to make our workplaces safe.

Workers Memorial Day 2017

Once again CWU will continue its support of this important commemorative day in the calendar.

Seven Health Checks Men Must Do

Men are notoriously bad at looking after "Number One", averaging just four trips to their GP a year, while women average six. As men are less likely to access disease screening and healthy-living initiatives, it is no surprise they are twice as likely as women to die before they turn 75.

HSE Report: Work-Related Stress 2016

A report from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), concludes that work-related stress remains one of the top causes of sickness absence.