Health, Safety and Environment

Welcome to the Branch Health, Safety & Environment section.

The Health, Safety & Environment section are committed to providing a first class service to our members in all areas of the Communication Industry. We aim to provide the best advice and representation to our Safety Reps and members.

Our greatest assets are our Safety Representatives, and we fully support them in their work.

Together with the National Health and Safety Committees we are striving to make our workplaces safe.

Zero Suicide Alliance

Bereaved families joined forces with over 90 NHS trusts, charities, politicians and suicide survivors to launch a new organisation and movement, the “Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA)” on 16 November 2017, at the Houses of Parliament.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Many organisations are once again joining together to run and support Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month during November, led by Health and Safety Executive (NI), including the County Fire and Rescue Services, Public Health England, Health and Safety Executive, Gas Safe, British Gas and others.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and World Pancreatic Cancer Day is Thursday 16 November. Most people are not as knowledgeable about pancreatic cancer as breast, lung or prostate cancer, but the disease is just as debilitating.