Latest News

Openreach: SD NS Multi Skilled Engineer

The National Team (NT) have been in discussions with Openreach relating to the introduction of an upper pay point role within the Network Solutions (NS) function within Service Delivery (SD).

BT Consumer: Off Shoring of DI work

BT has advised the CWU that it intends to off shore data integrity (DI) work to India over the next few months.

Manpower: Close the Gap! Campaign Pack

The Campaign Pack is in the process of being circulated to all branches with TFS members.

Manpower Campaign: Close the Gap -Update

The CWU is mounting a national campaign on the issue of low pay for our Manpower members working in BT.

Openreach: SD Survey - Proof of Concept

The National Team (NT) has been consulted by Openreach on a Proof of Concept they wish to run across a number of SOM patches in both UKN and UKS.

BT Homeworking Policy Review

The Personnel Team were advised that the company intended to make changes to the Homeworking Policy and Procedure and the updated versions are attached. The Team challenged a number of changes that the company has made in particular disability, reporting of accidents, utility allowance for new applicants, equipment and telephony and London Weighting.

Openreach: SD Contractual Overtime

In line with the process outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding outlined in LTB 81/2013, the National Team (NT) were informed that the company were considering invoking contractual overtime.

BT Consumer: Changes of Hours Pilot

As part of our commitment to improving arrangements for advisors seeking changes in the attendance patterns, the National Team has agreed to trial revised change of hours and Exceptional Change of Hours (ECOH) arrangements in Help for a month.

Manpower: Agency Campaign, Close the Gap

At this year’s T&FS conference Motion 61 was carried that instructed the TFSE to mount a campaign to eradicate the low pay rates of our Manpower members working on the BT contract and to ensure at the very minimum that they are paid the Real Living Wage. The motion further requires a report back to branches by September 2017.