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Openreach SD: `Our Performance’

The National Team (NT) have worked hard on the agreed way forward relating to the changes to performance management in Service Delivery Field, to ensure that the principles agreed previously have been maintained and strengthened to ensure that the cultural change is delivered.

BT Flexible Benefits

The Personnel Team met BT on Monday 13 February 2017, when a presentation was given on the company’s intention to provide flexible benefits for all employees. These benefits were not negotiated or agreed by the Union. The new scheme will replace the existing ‘Choices’ scheme that applies to Reward Framework grades and ‘Benefit Bundles’ that apply presently to EE employees; the scheme will cover around 50,000 employees.

BT Consumer - Bonus Plan in Sales

BT has been in discussion with the CWU over changes to bonus arrangements in Sales and Retention. The changes will mean that all bonus range triggers will be aligned and simplified across all products.