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Openreach SD: `Our Performance’

6 May 2017

The National Team (NT) have worked hard on the agreed way forward relating to the changes to performance management in Service Delivery Field, to ensure that the principles agreed previously have been maintained and strengthened to ensure that the cultural change is delivered.

There are safeguards throughout the new approach which Branches will have direct input to as the new way of working is rolled out.

The new "Our Performance" dashboard will be switched on and available for managers on Monday 24 April 2017, and team members on Tuesday 2 May 2017. In addition "Our Performance" will become a standing item on the agendas for the monthly GM/SPOC/Branch meetings.

Collective Performance

A key issue for our members was managers access to individual performance data which led to micro management and inappropriate conversations regarding someone’s actions every minute of every hour of every day. That approach will cease with the approach being driven by teams working together to become more successful as a collective.

Performance Management Plans Suspended

The NT have agreed that to help embed the transition to the new approach that from 1 July 2017 for a period of six months there will be no further informal or formal performance management plans raised. In addition all existing unsupported plans will be ceased prior to 1 July 2017, all supported informal plans reviewed by 31 May 2017 and closed if not aligned to the new approach and finally any remaining supported and formal plans reviewed by the SPOC and GM by the end of June 2017. The NT believe this will be welcomed by members and will create the environment for all those involved to be positively involved in the transition.

For clarity, normally all informal cases are raised as ‘unsupported’ (Informal Performance Unsupport), however there is an option for ‘supported’ in the HR system (inf perf HRS support), which is the option Openreach also use as a result of having the HR helpdesk in South Shields dedicated to SD, to make sure even at the informal stage the conversations are aligned to the five key principles.

Data Access

All individual data will be held by the Production Planning team and can only be accessed via the agreed quality gates. Details regarding the number of times data is requested and by whom will be shared with the CWU at the monthly meetings.

Field Engineering Behaviours

With regard to the Field Engineering Behaviours (FEB) report, managers will no longer be able to access the Day-1 information and will deal with any conversations relating to the details based on the five-week trended data only. Guidance relating to how that information will be used will be the subject to agreement with the CWU NT. If there is a requirement to access the Day-1 report that will be the subject of a further quality gate, the terms of which will be the subject of agreement with the CWU.


The rollout of "Our Performance" will be the subject of two formal reviews. The first with the NT after three months and the second with the NT and all SPOCs after six months.

The NT had agreed the following with Openreach that they would;

  • Introduce wholly team based measures.
  • Remove individual team member targets.
  • Remove G banded rating from our measures.

This has been achieved in both the detail of the dashboard and the processes going forward. There are clear commitments in the most recent correspondence to move away from the minutia and hold conversations that are more purposeful. This will not be an easy transition for many but with the safeguards in place, the monthly meetings involving all Branches and the two formal reviews the NT believes that the crucial changes demanded by our members can be delivered.