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BT Homeworking Policy Review

27 September 2017

The Personnel Team were advised that the company intended to make changes to the Homeworking Policy and Procedure and the updated versions are attached. The Team challenged a number of changes that the company has made in particular disability, reporting of accidents, utility allowance for new applicants, equipment and telephony and London Weighting.

The company’s view on the utility allowance was that employees were saving expense by not having to travel to a BT building. This was challenged on the basis that the company was also saving money on its own utility bills and desk space; however, the company insisted that for new homeworkers the utility payment would not available. The utility bill payment is £26 per quarter for those people receiving the allowance.

Branches will note that there is a change of emphasis regarding homeworking where it is the role that is now the main determining factor and not necessarily individual circumstances. Members with disabilities or caring responsibilities should be considered for homeworking and not just based on the role they undertake. The company has responded to this but we need to see how this will work in practice. The number of team members considered as homeworkers is 714 as of April 2017.