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BT Consumer: Off Shoring of DI work

25 October 2017

BT has advised the CWU that it intends to off shore data integrity (DI) work to India over the next few months.

This will affect up to 68 team members on 8 sites who will be redeployed into Camp 3 work, except in Lancaster where members will move into Easy Assist.

The CWU has made it clear that we oppose moving this work off shore however, BT has decided to go ahead and brief its plans despite the fact that consultation with the CWU National Team has not been completed.

The CWU is opposed to this move for the following reasons.

  • Two thirds of this work already takes place in the UK. If BT wants to consolidate the work it can all be done in the UK.
  • This is skilled technical data analysis work that should remain in the UK. Our 2015 Transformation Agreement was based on moving on line work back to the UK in return for changing attendances. We welcome the progress that has been made moving voice calls back to the UK and we have accepted that some lower skilled non-customer facing work will be based off shore. However, we have never signed up to the idea that all non-customer facing work should be sent abroad.
  • We want to retain a mix of work in the UK to allow for opportunities for career progression and development. Removing this work removes another opportunity for members.
  • Keeping a mix of work in the UK also means that it is easier to find alternative work for those with medical conditions or disabilities who cannot undertake Camp 2 or 3 work. We believe this will affect members currently doing DI work who would not be able to move into a Camp 3 role.
  • We have an outstanding grading claim for the DI work, as we believe it should be at a higher grade. We are still waiting for BTís response to this claim. Moving the work offshore with the claim outstanding will make it very hard to resolve this issue.

Following the announcement, the CWU will continue discussions with BT in an attempt to persuade the Company to reverse the decision. The National Team will also be in contact with affected Branches directly to discuss next steps.