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CWU Redesign Deferment of 2019 Elections

7 January 2019

The NEC had taken the decision to defer the elections of some CWU Assistant Secretaries which were scheduled to take place in 2018. The NEC has now taken the decision to defer the election of the NEC and Industrial Executive Committees.

The CWU Assistant Secretary elections that have been deferred are:

  • Assistant Secretary Health, Safety & Environment,
  • Assistant Secretary Equal Opportunities,
  • Assistant Secretary T&FS (1),
  • Assistant Secretary T&FS (2).

This decision was taken by the NEC due to the ongoing work which is taking place in the CWU in relation to the Redesign Project.

Work on the Redesign Project has continued throughout the year culminating in the CWU Special Conference on Redesign held on 3/4 November 2018 at which a number of significant policy decisions were taken which will now need to be enacted upon.

Additionally a number of these decisions, such as the agreed changes to our National and Regional structures will require the NEC to place revised rules before a conference of the Union for endorsement. This will take place at the CWU Special Rules Revision Conference that has been convened on 29 April 2019.

Accordingly with the above in mind, in addition to the continued deferment of the above CWU Assistant Secretaries elections, the NEC has taken the decision to defer the election of the following posts until June 2019 so that the relevant rule changes can be made:

  • NEC and Industrial Executive Committees (scheduled to be concluded by April 2019),
  • CWU Assistant Secretary Legal Services (scheduled to be concluded by May 2019),
  • TFS Assistant Secretary (3) (scheduled to be concluded by May 2019).

Further the NEC has also taken the decision to defer the election of the CWU Regional Secretaries until this date for the same reasons.

Once the outcome of the decisions that are agreed at the 2019 Special Rules Revision have been considered by the NEC then arrangements will be put in place to agree and publish a timetable, regulations, etc. for the deferred elections. This will be as soon as is reasonably practical so that the elections can commence in June 2019.